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How do I know what size I wear?

You can use a cloth tape measure to measure your head exactly where the hat will sit on your head. Centimeters or inches is fine. Be sure to think about how tight you need your hat to be when wearing it and use the cloth tape measure accordingly.
How do I know what oval I am?

If you have ever tried on a hat notice if it is tight on your forehead or tight on the sides of your head. If it is tight on your forehead, you need a long oval. If it is tight on the sides of your head, you need a round oval.

What if it’s raining & my hat gets wet?

When you get home, just set the hat upside down and let it dry naturally.
What do the X’s mean?

The X’s represent the quality of fur used when making the hat. The higher the X’s, the better
the fur is. Higher X hats last longer.

How do I clean my hat?

The only safe way for you to clean your hat is with a hat brush or hat sponge. If it has sweat
stains or other spots, it will need to be sent to me to clean.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does a hat cost?

For hat prices please see our Price List page by clicking HERE.